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Edge Animate CC: Essentials

Edge Animate is Adobe’s new web animation software that allows you to create animated content, such as web banners, that are supported by modern web browsers on mobile devices and desktop PCs. You will learn the animation process from start to finish - how to plan, lay out, stage, animate and publish your animation using various graphic formats and approaches. To bring your animation to the next level, you will learn to add interactivity and incorporate out-of-the-box web content.


Target Audience: New and basic users  | Prerequisite: Nil

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Getting Started with Edge Animate

  • An Overview of the Edge Animate Workspace
  • Getting Acquainted with the Tools, Properties, Timeline, Elements and Library Panels
  • Understanding the purpose of the Stage


Incorporating Images, Shapes, Text and Effects

  • Understanding the Different Graphic Formats
  • Animating with Bitmap Images
  • Adding and Manipulating Vector Graphics in SVG
  • Storing and Finding Content in the Library Panel
  • Drawing Shapes in Edge Animate
  • Beautifying a Shape with Rounded Corners
  • Applying Various Transformations
  • Controlling an Object’s Opacity, Fill and Border
  • Spicing up a Design with Gradient and CSS Filters
  • Inserting and Styling Text
  • Applying Tracking, Leading, Justification to Text
  • Embedding Custom Fonts and Web Fonts
  • Aligning and Distributing Objects Automatically
  • Organizing Objects with Grouping
  • Adding Realism with Shadow Effects


Designing An Animation

  • Animating Position with the Pin Feature
  • Adding Keyframes with Auto-Keyframe Mode
  • Working with the Auto-Transition Mode
  • Changing Pacing and Timing
  • Manipulating the Display Property
  • Exaggerating an Animation with Transformation
  • Building Anticipation and Focus in an Animation
  • Enhancing an Animation with Fading Effects
  • Setting up the Opacity Level of an Element
  • Exploring the Timeline Panel Options
  • Knowing How to Reuse Existing Animations
  • Refining Animation Motion with Easing


Building Complex Animations and Controls

  • Understanding the Advantages of using Symbols
  • Adding Symbol Instances to the Stage
  • Creating Nested Animations with Symbols
  • Adding a trigger to a Symbol Timeline
  • Creating a Looping Animation
  • Including Animation Playback Controls
  • Hiding Elements with the Clip Property


Embedding Media and Interactive Components

  • Attaching an Interactive Map Component
  • Customizing the Dimension of a Map
  • Embedding a Web Video Component
  • Adding Hyperlinks for Navigation


Publishing an Edge Animate Project for the Web

  • Publishing an Edge Animate Project
  • Understanding the Different Publish Settings
  • Creating the Down-Level Stage for Backward Compatibility with Older Web Browsers
  • Saving a Poster Image from an Animation
  • Adding a Visual Indicator of the Loading Process
  • Incorporating an Animation Preloader


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