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Illustrator CS6: Advanced

In this course, you will be trained on the many advanced features of Illustrator CS6. Topics include complex shapes creation, advanced type controls, drawing in perspective, customizing drawing and painting tools, creating symbols and many more advanced techniques that will help you to work more efficiently and effectively. This course is ideal for participants who had completed our Illustrator CS6: Essentials and any experienced Illustrator users who are keen in attending a structure training course.


Target Audience: Intermediate users  | Prerequisite: Basic experience in Illustrator

Duration: 1 Day (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Building Complex Shapes & Drawings

  • Creating Varying Widths on a Path using Width Tool
  • Instantly Trace the Outline of a Complex Path
  • Automatically Reduce Anchor Points in a Complex Shape to Simplify the Controls
  • Drawing Behind and Inside an Object Instantly
  • Create Complex Shapes using Shape Builder Tool
  • Combine and Subtract Complex Shapes Intuitively
  • Applying Pathfinder Operations
  • Creating Shapes organically using Blob Brush Tool


Automating Changes in Text Using Type Styles

  • Understanding the Different Type Styles
  • Creating and Applying Paragraph & Character Styles
  • Automatically Update Type Attributes Across Multiple Artworks


Creating 3D Objects for Product Mock-Ups

  • Creating & Editing a 3D Effect
  • Manipulating the Lighting Settings of a 3D Object
  • Mapping an Artwork on a 3D Object


Designing with Colors & Patterns

  • Finding and Saving a Spot Color
  • Locating a Preset Pattern using Libraries
  • Creating a Customized Pattern Design
  • Exploring the Settings in Pattern Options Panel
  • Coloring a Complex Figure using Live Paint
  • Manipulating Regions of a Live Paint Group
  • Making Intersecting Paths Transparent
  • Simulating Closed Gaps using the Gap Options


Building Artwork in Perspective

  • Choosing and Customizing a Preset Grid
  • Drawing objects on Different Perspective Planes
  • Modifying & Duplicating Objects on Different Grids
  • Working with Text, Artwork & Symbols
  • Moving Objects Along the “Hidden” Perspective
  • Manipulating Objects and Planes Together


Automating Changes in Appearances Effects Using Graphic Styles

  • Working with the Appearance Panel
  • Designing with Additional Strokes and Fills
  • Applying an Appearance Attribute to a Layer
  • Automating Changes to Multiple Objects and Layers using Graphic Styles
  • Replacing Graphic Style Attributes
  • Updating the Appearance of Multiple Artworks
  • Adding Multiple Graphic Styles to an Object


Advanced Masking Techniques for Images

  • Placing, Linking and Embedding Images
  • Hiding Portions of an Image using Mask
  • Applying & Manipulating a Mask Effect
  • Creating an Advanced Mask with Multiple Objects
  • Using a Compound Path for Masking
  • Working with Transparency Panel
  • Creating a Fading Mask Effect
  • Getting Information from the Links Panel
  • Replacing & Updating Linked Images
  • Exporting a layered file to Photoshop


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