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InDesign CS6: Advanced

This course will bring your InDesign skill to the advanced level. You will be trained in the more complex topics such as managing colors, clipping paths, alpha channels as well as using libraries to manage objects. You will also learn about form creation within InDesign and publishing ebook format such as EPUB. If you have attended our InDesign CS6 Essentials or have been using the software for some time and is seeking to upgrade your InDesign skill, then this course will be applicable for you.


Target Audience: Intermediate users  | Prerequisite: Basic experience in InDesign

Duration: 1 Day (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Managing Colors

  • Color management
  • Synchronizing color settings in Adobe Bridge
  • Specifying color settings in InDesign
  • Display images at full resolution
  • Proofing colors onscreen
  • Creating a tint
  • Creating a spot color


Importing and Modifying Graphics

  • Adding graphics from other programs
  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
  • Managing links to imported files
  • Working with clipping paths
  • Working with alpha channels
  • Importing native Adobe graphics files
  • Using a library to manage objects


Creating PDF Files with Form Fields

  • Adding form fields
  • Exporting an interactive Adobe PDF file


Creating and Exporting an eBook

  • Completing the Booklet
  • Choosing the Content of an eBook
  • Adding Metadata
  • Exporting an EPUB file


Working with Long Documents

  • Starting a book
  • Creating a running footer
  • Adding a footnote
  • Adding a cross-reference
  • Synchronizing a book
  • Generating a table of contents


Data Merge

  • About data merger
  • Basic steps for merging data
  • About data source files
  • About target documents


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