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Photoshop CS6: Advanced

Have you always thought that only the Adobe “Experts” or “Gurus” can do complex selections, change colors of a subject at will and create fascinating composites? The answer is NO. It’s time for you to ENJOY using Photoshop like everyone else! This course makes the advanced techniques as easy as A-B-C! And stay on top of the market by diving into the world of 3D and Videography in Photoshop CS6! So hop right in, join the club of Photoshop Experts!


Target Audience: Intermediate users  | Prerequisite: Basic experience in Photoshop

Duration: 2 Days (9am - 6pm)  |  Course Fee: Please refer to the Courses page

Download the course outline in PDF format

Productivity Tips with using Photoshop

  • Understanding the deciding factors for Photoshop performances
  • Controlling Memory Usage via RAM allocation
  • Managing the virtual memory - Scratch Disks
  • Relieving “hidden” memory usage
  • Tips to improving performances in Photoshop
  • Personalising Photoshop to your preferences
  • Restoring Photoshop to the “factory standard”


Advanced Luminance Adjustments

  • Demystifying the Histogram
  • Customizing a Level adjustment
  • Retouching an image’s luminance
  • Understanding and previewing clipping
  • Using the NEW automatic adjustments
  • Select with the NEW skin-tones & faces detection
  • Controlling clippings for the best tonal quality


In-Depth Color & Tonal Adjustments

  • Getting acquainted with Curves
  • Quick adjustment with the NEW auto function
  • Tips in achieving the best adjustment
  • Salvaging photographic details in dark shadows
  • Bringing out details in “washed-out” areas
  • Creating a smoothing color transition in an image


Powerful Sharpening Techniques

  • Bringing out the details of an image
  • Applying non-destructive sharpening effects
  • Sharpening specifically to the “true” details
  • Fixing unwanted color artifacts and noises
  • Learning the secret to removing unexpected halo
  • Micro-sharpening the edges of a subject
  • Magically removing camera shake blurs in a photograph
  • Sharpening edge details subtly with High Pass


Compositing with Blend Modes

  • Understanding the purpose the Blend Modes
  • Blending elements naturally on material textures
  • Create stunning composites with Blend Modes
  • Learning the tips to creating seamless composites
  • Blending complex images with the Blend-If feature


Advanced Techniques

  • Selecting a subject with Color Range
  • Selecting a complex element using Color Channels and Masks
  • Restoring edited parts to a previous state with the History Brush tool
  • Harmonizing the ambience colors across images
  • Recording and automating a multi-step task
  • Automating a task to multiple files simultaneously
  • Creating 3D objects out of 2D elements
  • Manipulating 3D objects in the 3D space


Creating & Editing Videos

  • Introducing the redesigned Timeline Panel
  • Knowing the supported file formats
  • Altering the duration and speed of video clips
  • Customizing Animation with keyframes
  • Animating text and images with motion effects
  • WOW your audience with Photoshop effects
  • Joining video clips with soothing transitions
  • Organizing and managing the video clips
  • Adding and editing an audio track
  • Rendering a video


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