Singapore Adobe Authorised Training Centre - Acadia Training

Instructions for completing the registration form

Please save the registration form to your computer: acadia_registration_form.pdf

Please refer to the instructions on how to complete the registration form:

1: Saving the Registration Form
2: Opening the Registration Form using a PDF Reader
3: Complete the Mandatory Sections
4: Submit the Form

Step 1: Save the Registration Form


1.1: The registration form is a PDF form, not an online form.

do not edit the pdf form in browser

1.2: Do NOT fill up the form using a web browser. (e.g. IE, Chrome and Firefox)

download pdf form  

1.3: Please download and save the registration form to your computer.

Step 2: Open the Registration Form using a PDF Reader


2.1: You will need a PDF Reader that allows you to fill up PDF form fields.
       We recommend the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader for Windows (Desktop version)

Download Acrobat Reader for Mac OS (Desktop version)

2.2: To download Acrobat Reader, please click the link above.
        If you need help on the installation, please refer to the Help for: Windows | Mac OS.

Step 3: Complete the Mandatory Sections


3.1: Complete the mandatory fields indicated by the red asterisks ( * ) for the:

required number of applicant(s)
  e.g. to register for 1 person, then complete ONLY 1 applicant section.

mandatory fills

required number of courses
  e.g. to register for 3 courses for 1 person, then complete 3 applicant sections with 3 different course titles.

Person-In-Charge / Coordinator Information section.

coordinator information

Step 4: Submit the Registration Form


4.1: Once completed, we recommend that you SAVE the form before submitting it.

4.2: Then click the “Submit Registration Form” button.

4.3: For Acrobat Reader: You will be prompted to choose the sending method.

Note: The images above are for referencing. The prompt may differ on different Acrobat Reader versions and computer OS.

4.4: To send by Webmail: Login to your email (e.g. Gmail) before clicking the "Continue" button in the prompt.